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The new religion
Published on September 19, 2017 By Nitro Cruiser In The Environment

In this season of hurricanes and in this case some very large and destructive ones, climate change was bound to make its way into the picture. I thought I’d have my say about this new religion. Why label it a religion? That’s simple, because climate change zealots subscribe to an end of the world boogieman, namely humans spewing CO2, and if you can’t accept it you are a denier. There is no in between.

 Like many religious folks, climate zealots often don’t walk the talk. That’s to say they aren’t living in a cave, living a subsistence carbon free lifestyle, without auto’s, electricity, and all the other niceties of living in a modern world, admittedly a tough row to hoe. The issue here becomes hypocrisy. How can one blame another while committing the same or similar acts? The goal here seems to be to spread fear, in a sky is falling sort of way.

The climate change zealots claim that, and the percentages vary, that about 98% of scientists agree that the climate is changing, or getting warmer. Okay, fair enough. What I’d like to know is who funds these scientists, how many of them believe humans are the main cause of climate change, how do you explain climate change prior to the industrial age? Some Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) alarmists seem to believe that all scientists find humans as the cause of global warming, and the science is settled. I’d kindly refer them to the 1600’s scientists that proclaimed the world to be flat. Even today, the big bang theory is not the big bang fact, even though it is widely accepted. In my mind science should rarely be considered settled, because just when you believe it to be, a new finding will uproot something you always believed to be true.

Some people don’t realize CO2 is a gas of life on this planet. Plants need CO2 to live and grow. Humans eat the plants and the animals that feed on them. Plants expel oxygen that we need to breath. We have a symbiotic relationship with each other. During the earths Carboniferous Period (358.9–298.9 million years ago), a time which created the bulk of our fossil fuels, the CO2 levels were 800 ppm or about 3 times the pre-industrial levels. The earth was the greenest if has ever been. Oxygen levels were 163% greater than today, about 30% compared to today’s 21%. I don’t believe I know of anyone that wants more pollutants in the air. CO2 gets a bad rap as a pollutant. I’m much more concerned about the heavy metals that are contained in batteries. Volcano’s and wildfires pump much more particulate toxins into the air that 1st world industries do. That’s doesn’t mean we should stop trying to produce cleaner industry.

So why the climate fear mongering? It started a while back. When I was a kid, it was the next ice age was coming. It didn’t. A new approach was necessary. I have my theory. There are a few smart people that can see this is a huge money making scheme. Billions can be spent and mostly end up in the pockets of the few, with little proof of success to provide. For the climate zealots in the streets, it’s simple. They are starving for something to believe in. Many have rejected traditional religions and replaced it with climate change. Don’t believe me? Ask an AGW supporter how they feel about religion. More often than not they will say they are agnostic or an atheist, yet they will religiously defend AGW, even the people making money on selling it. I’m not very religious, but I do think people want something to believe in. Like anything this can be a tool for good or bad.

I like to pose a few questions to climate zealots, just to get their response. I’m still waiting, but I’ll ask them here.

1.      What is the perfect climate? Here or any geographical area.

2.      If humans are the major cause of global warming, what was the cause of major changes in climate prior to humans? Mammoth flatulence?

3.      Are you opposed to change? (especially for my liberal friends)

4.      How exactly do you propose we alter the climate to prevent it from changing, and are you willing to live a primitive life to accomplish that?

5.      How can I be sure the money taken from me in the form of carbon taxes is used for what it is intended for, to return me to a primitive lifestyle? Seems simple and cheap enough to cut the electrical grid and close all gas stations. Why should it cost anything?


I have to give credit where credit is due. Whoever devised this scheme and that has so many people buy into it, even promote it, on a worldwide scale, is a mastermind genus. Billions of dollars to prevent perhaps a 1 degree change over a century, and who here will be around a hundred years from now to call them on this?    

on Dec 10, 2018
on Jan 29, 2019

Does anyone really know what caused the last ice age and why it ended?

How does summer end where you live?

Where I live we get that last heat wave and summer is over.


on Jan 30, 2019

I have been on earth for 55 years and have witnessed a lot.

This is what I believe and have seen it work every time.

If you pick up a rock and let go of it, it will fall to the ground.

I am skeptical on everything else.


on Mar 21, 2019

Greenpeace Founder: ‘Climate Change Crisis’ Is a ‘Completely Made-Up Issue’

on Sep 20, 2019

The truth. "Al Gore has scared the children."

While normal atmosphere contains between 20.8 and 21 percent oxygen,

The current (2019) average outdoor atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration is about 0.0411%

according to my search results.

"The last time there was this much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere, modern humans didn't exist."

Panic never works.


on Sep 28, 2019

I can see a mountain 100 miles away clear after a rain, did the rain clean the air?

The smog isn't worse where I live than it was 40 years ago.

Human civilization began about 12-10 thousand years ago according to one of my search results.

That is when we started working on an end to,

hunger,war,disease,poverty,addiction and started doing rituals to change the climate.

We have made a small amount of progress in the last 12-10 thousand years

but it needs to be done by 9-28-2029 at 1 PM, that is when the truck will arrive to ship it.