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No real repercussions after latest missile launch.
Published on April 5, 2009 By Nitro Cruiser In North Korea

In the latest display of ineptness and impotency the world led by the US allowed the rogue state of North Korea to launch their missile rocket on 11:30 a.m. local time on Sunday (2:30 a.m. GMT). This launch provided the North Koreans and their Iranian guests with valuable telemetry and other data as the communist state struggles to gain militarily what it is unable to achieve diplomatically.

In a continuing show of weakness and inability to help enforce existing UN resolutions regarding North Korea, president Obama stated the launch would be "provocative" and the US would, "take appropriate steps to let North Korea know that it can't threaten the safety and security of other countries with impunity". The US is perhaps the only nation that possesses the technology to intercept the missile. Seems a stern letter to the North Koreans will teach them a lesson.

No word on how this will impact tensions on the Korean peninsula or elsewhere in the world. North Korea is believed to be the worlds largest exporter of ballistic missile technology as a means of obtaining hard currency for the cash strapped nation. Rouge nations must be taking heart though as another in a long line of useless UN resolutions is broken. The word is still out as to what the agenda driven members of the UN Security Council will decide. This body infrequently agrees on anything and often with some member openly supporting or blocking actions to effect a successful resolution. 

With the US president away on his "feel good" tour of Europe, this author holds little hope anything of substance will occur regarding this matter. The time for action has passed, North Korea's rhetoric castrated the newly humbled US and brought them a great victory.


Flash forward May 2010. North Korea is at it again. This time the evidence points to them in the sinking of a South Korean warship, in the souths waters, by a torpedo, last March. Again the US is faced with doing something or nothing. Again North Korea, tweaks the nose of the US, while the administration looks on dumbfounded. Why doesn't the world love us, yet? Wasn't that part of the "deal" for no more "four more years of Bush" that was heaped upon the McCain ticket?

The Obama foreign policy "honeymoon" with the world was very short lived. Crowds around the world cheered wildly as Obama denigrated the US at each stop of his post election "Apology tour 2009". His skillful shunning of close US allies while bolstering ties with "less concerned" nations has been and is renown. Now the US, with its newly diminished clout on the world stage must make a case to the very same world that got what they wanted ... a politically castrated US and have moved on.

North Korea  knows its opponents all too well, as it peaks from behind China's apron. This time they know they can go further as they have seen this administration practically grovel, like a puppy, at the PRC's feet. They know that the US is powerless to ask its financial benefactor for anything significant that would punish its communist "spoiled child". Very recently the sickly North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, went to China. I, for one, wonder what subjects were discussed and if a "contingency" plan for this incident was formulated. 

The world watches, both friend and foe, as these events unfold. How many other "North Korea's" are planning their move now that the world police is stuck in the donut shop?


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on Apr 05, 2009

North Korea better watch out.  Obama is going to sit down and write a strongly worded letter.  That will teach them!


on Apr 05, 2009

Ahmadinejad was paying close attention. I don't think he got the right "take home" from it. That missile should have been smashed on the ground, and never been given the chance to be launched.

I think that Obama is so "obligated" to talk first, he's forgotten that some things just aren't open to discussion and that this multifaceted ploy by N. Korea/Russia/China should have been met by the hammer, not the feather.

Oh yes, Israel was watching too. They now know what a strong ally they have. And they know what to do and how to do it.

on Apr 05, 2009

It's sad that UN resolutions are not worth the paper they are written on. Aren't these supposed to be the will of the (majority) of the worlds people? Yet few care. Anyone that remotely believes that North Korea has gained a new found interest in space (for other than military purpose) is fooling themselves.

Iran is probably the largest current importer of North Korean missile technology. I had heard reports that an Iranian delegation was present for the launch and are probably whipping out the checkbook as we speak.

Israel, I'm doubtful that you will receive any meaningful help from the US. Iran is smart, they are bidding their time until both the weapon and the delivery system are ready together at the same time. When they have a weapon that can strike Europe, the Europeans will be even less inclined (if that is possible) to do anything to stop Iran. Develop your ABM's and prepare for an unassisted strike. I guesstimate about two years, until Iran has both a sufficient quantity of warheads and rockets. They will stockpile and disperse first.

North Korea, has given both South Korea and Japan a reason to build their own nukes. IMO this part of Asia needlessly became a much more dangerous place. We'll see what happens now.

on Apr 05, 2009

its worse than that, UN resolutions create the ILLUSION that something has been done, when in fact nothing has. Allowing problems to not only go untreated, but pretending that someone is "on the case" as it is, and preventing a real doer from doing anything...

There is also the lesson of appeasement.

on Apr 05, 2009

Isn't it interesting that Prs. Obama answered the N. Korean testing by announcing that the US should lead the world in nuclear disarmament.

on Apr 05, 2009

Isn't it interesting that Prs. Obama answered the N. Korean testing by announcing that the US should lead the world in nuclear disarmament.

Yes this administration seems hell bent on castrating the US military nuclear deterrent capability. No surprise except to those that refused to believe it. One small problem, the technology cannot be erased from memory, and there are other that want to either keep or acquire the technology, despite this "world history" naive presidents wishes. 

on Apr 05, 2009

This is funny but couldn't be more true:

Parental Guidance suggested

on Apr 06, 2009

US Response: Cut missile defense spending. North Korea and Iran rejoice their sweet victory.

on May 25, 2009

Another act of defiance by North Korea, another weak response by the Obama administration and the rest world. Change you can believe in. 

on May 30, 2009

Such an action would have a significant chance of starting a war. The US has struggled just with Iraq+Afghanistan - the much more formidable North Koreans would be much tougher and riskier, before you even start to think of the massive casualties and instability in the region, or the chance of other countries siding with the North Koreans. It's also not like Bush has achieved any remarkable successes with them.


In truth there aren't any easy options - assuming you're not looking for a war, the least worst option seems likely to be to isolate the North Koreans and hence starve them of money they would otherwise achieve from trade, and hope that is enough to weaken them economically and slow them down. Make sure effective deterrants are in place (i.e. you nuke us we nuke you -> we all die, which should be effective against all but the extremesists), ideally try and research some sort of basic counter, and hope for the best.

The main alternative of course is war, and not even Bush went for that one.

on Jun 03, 2009

Aeortar, economic sactions of the past have proven that all they accomplish is starving the masses.  Can you name one economic sanction against a country where the leaders were effected at all?

on Jun 03, 2009

The main alternative of course is war, and not even Bush went for that one.

Yes, we need to wait until they have a way to deliver their nukes, then do something.

on Jun 04, 2009

about north korea:

on Oct 13, 2009

I see N. Korea launched a few short range missile (maybe to celebrate new talk proposals) and may launch a few more. How's that diplomacy working out for you Mr. President?

on May 22, 2010

Any bets on the US response to the N. Korean torpedoing of the S. Korean warship? Here are the choices:

1. Nothing happens

2. The US sends a very harsh letter to N. Korea

3. The US sends a very, very harsh letter to N. Korea

4. The US apologizes for the ship getting in the way of the torpedo

5. The US gives N. Korea some aid

6. The US gives N. Korea some aid and apologizes for doing it sooner

Hey it's Obama what do you expect?

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