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Polish President, his wife and others lost in aviation mishap
Published on April 11, 2010 By Nitro Cruiser In Current Events

What a tragedy. There must be many questions as to why this occurred. I'm sure over then next few days many theories will arise.

For those that might not know what happened, a Polish delegation, including the Polish President, his wife, senior political figures, military leaders, and family members of the victims of the Katyn Forest massacre 70 year anniversary.

To recap, the massacre at Katyn forest occurred when Soviet troops annexed eastern Poland at the beginning of WWII. For years the massacre was blamed on German forces, until evidence of Soviet involvement became known many years after the war. The event and subsequent Russian cover-up has fanned bitter feelings to this present day.

The delegation made multiple attempts to land at an airport near the site, in dense fog conditions. They were advise apparently to land elsewhere, but decided to land anyway. I'm sure there was some pressure to make it to the ceremony, which in this case was a fatal mistake.

Some of the people on-board were instrumental in Poland's Solidarity movement, which inspired hope for many worldwide in the early 1980's.

Our thoughts, prayers, and sincere condolences go the families of those lost and to the people of Poland. Your strength will carry you through these difficult days.




on Apr 11, 2010

Devastatingly sad


on Apr 12, 2010

Such a waste.  I pray this will strengthen the Polish nation.

on Apr 12, 2010

Aside from the tragedy, it will be interesting how this effects the up coming election. JFK's death probably helped LBJ's election, I wonder if Poland will have a similar experience.