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Published on May 24, 2017 By Nitro Cruiser In US Domestic

We  know that the Obama administration "weaponized" many, formerly trusted US agencies. The first was the EPA in an effort to bully businesses, pushing the global warming cult, to the point of falsifying scientific data. This was followed by the IRS, targeting conservative organizations and businesses in this largely ignored scandal. Exposed, leading culprits plead the 5th and electronic records were destroyed (sound familiar?). Little to nothing was done with a complicit DOJ turning a blind eye to this and any other issue that would expose the workings of the administration. Now it appears the FBI has also been infiltrated by leftist progressives, leaking information, some of dubious nature, in an attempt to damage opposing candidates and sow discourse among the American people.

All this with the willing and eager help of the media. President Obama might not have been engaged on world issues, but he sure was busy cultivating deep, partisan roots in the formerly, mostly apolitical US institutions. President Trump must demand these progressive moles be rooted out public confidence restored to these once trusted government institutions restored. The unscathed media will make it as difficult as possible for the president as it continues to focus on contrived issues, marginalize accomplishments and sow division among the American people.


Note to the reader: It is extremely difficult, but not impossible, to find out detailed information on these happenings. MSM will either marginalize available information, disparage the sources claiming alt-right (the new buzz word), or most commonly just ignoring the issue in total. It's not a fluke or oversight, it's a coordinated effort. I urge you to investigate for yourselves, look at both sides of the issues with skepticism. Look up sources, such as hearing videos and FOIA findings. You might be just as horrified as I about the inner workings of our government. Too many are numb as to what is going on. 

on May 24, 2017

Reminds me of the Roman bureaucracy & their attempts at discrediting (& getting rid of) Claudius, who was actually one of their better emperors.  They just couldn't get past his stutter & presumed 'idiocy', even though the citizenry liked him a lot.

on Jun 05, 2017

Well it is the time of the teleprompter and speech writer. I like the way Trump speaks, unpolished and all. We've seen the plastic politicians with their "public and private" faces.